WIFI Concerns

WIFI Concerns

If you are experiencing issues with Wifi, such as slowness or intermittent connectivity the below may be able to help clear the issue; 


Is this issue affecting anyone else?

if the issue is only impacting yourself and others seem to have decent speeds, has anything changed with the device your using? a recent update? change of location?


Is the issue intermittent? 

Is the issue constantly flapping or does the issue seem to go away for a while - such as a few hours, then returning again?


Is there any network heavy activity going on?

Such as someone downloading or uploading any large files, do you have a server on the local network that could be sending out a large volume of emails at once? or performing any backups?


Are you in a shared office space or are there other businesses nearby / next door? 

Wireless signals work across specific frequencies, if there are a lot of other wireless networks nearby, these can cause conflicts if other networks are attempting to use the same frequency channels. We will typically deploy Wireless solutions that will automatically move to the least active channels to limit any possible congestion. 


Are you able to try changing the wireless connection from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz?

2.4Ghz frequencies lose less energy as they pass through walls and doors (although a thick concrete wall will still absorb a lot if not all the energy) as a result nearby office signals running over 2.4Ghz have a higher chance to pass into your office space and cause congestion. 

5Ghz frequencies lose a lot of energy when trying to pass through walls and doors and are much more easily blocked, as a result 5Ghz frequencies tend to be less congested in busy city areas than 2.4Ghz windows are a common entry point for 5Ghz congestion as they don't block the signal as much as a solid wall.